Shiny Day

Watch Special MV “Shiny Day” Performed by Aikatsu 8 2020 with Hana from Aikatsu Planet!



As announced, the official YouTube channel for the idol-themed Aikatsu! franchise has posted a three-minute special music video for “Shiny Day,” a brand new song performed by the newly-selected eight members of the unit Aikatsu 8 2020 and Hana, the protagonist of the upcoming new TV series Aikatsu Planet! In addition to their singing voices, the clip features lots of past CG live footage of the idols.


The lyrics of the happy pop tune were written by uRy (Yuri Misumi), while Hidekazu Tanaka served as composer/arranger. Both of the two belong to MONACA, a music creator company that has worked on the music and songs for the Aikatsu! franchise since its launch in 2012.  







To support the new series, the Aikatsu! franchise held an online poll to choose the eight members of the new unit “Aikatsu 8 2020” from August 8 to September 6, and its official YouTube channel announced its members one by one last month. 


The members of “Aikatsu 8 2020”:


  • Ichigo Hoshimiya (Aikatsu!)
  • Akari Ozora (Aikatsu!)
  • Yurika Todo (Aikatsu!)
  • Yume Nijino (Aikatsu Stars!)
  • Ako Saotome (Aikatsu Stars!)
  • Aine Yuuki (Aikatsu Friends!)
  • Mio Minato (Aikatsu Friends!)
  • Raki Kiseki (Aikatsu on Parade!)



Aikatsu Planet!, the Aikatsu! franchise’s first live-action and animation hybrid TV show is set to premiere on TV Tokyo and its affiliate stations in Japan on January 10, 2021.



OP movie:



Key visual:



Source: “Aikatsu!” official YouTube channel





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