Watch Gundam Wing OP Song Lyric Videos from TWO-MIX’s 25th-Anniversary Best Album



The YouTube channel for the two-member unit TWO-MIX‘s 25th-anniversary project is now streaming lyric videos for the two OP theme songs for the Mobile Suit Gundam Wing TV anime – “JUST COMMUNICATION” and “RHYTHM EMOTION” – from their upcoming best album “TWO-MIX 25th Anniversary ALL TIME BEST” to be released on January 20, 2021. 


The electronic pop unit consisting of vocalist Minami Takayama (the voice of Conan Edogawa in Detective Conan) and lyricist/keyboardist Shiina Nagano made their major debut with their first single “JUST COMMUNICATION”  on April 29, 1995. Then, “RHYTHM EMOTION” was released as their second single on November 22 of the same year. Both became one of the most iconic anime theme songs of the mid-1990s in Japan.   


They have released 21 singles and seven original albums in their 25-year career. “TWO-MIX 25th Anniversary ALL TIME BEST” will include more than 20 songs that are carefully selected from their history, such as “JUST COMMUNICATION,” “RHYTHM EMOTION,” “WHITE REFLECTION” (6th single / January 15, 1997 / Gundam Wing: Endless Waltz theme song), “LAST IMPRESSION” (12th single / July 23, 1998 / Gundam Wing Endless Waltz -Special Edition- theme song), and “TRUTH -A Great Detective of Love-“ (13th single / November 26, 1998 / TV anime Detective Conan 5th OP theme).






“RHYTHM EMOTION” lyric video:



First press limited edition illustration jacket by Tomohiro Ogasawara (Gundam Wing Endless Waltz: The Glory of Losers manga artist):


Standard edition:




The TV anime Mobile Suit Gundam Wing is available on Crunchyroll.




 Opening movie 1 | “Just Communication”:



Opening Movie 2 | “Rhythm Emotion V2 w/ Beeps”:



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