Voice Actress Nao Toyama to Release “Rest & Healing”-themed Mini Album on May 12



The “important announcement” made during voice actress Nao Toyama (Chitoge Kirisaki in Nisekoi, Rin Shima in Laid-Back Camp)’s special live-streaming program for Valentine’s Day was about the release of her new mini-album “off” on May 12, 2021. A specail website for the album has also opend, and special contents will be added on the days marked “off” on the calendar.


The concept of the mini-album is “rest and healing.” The album will include six new songs based on six “OFF” (Holiday) themes, such as “Off to be healed by love”, “Off to be healed in the bath”, and “Turning Off your reason,” which will bring “rest and healing” to everyone in the world. Also, the bonus Blu-ray features her two-day and one-night trip where you can see the real face of her, which you can’t usually see.



Announcement PV:





Special live-streaming program “Valentine…? dayo! Zenin Shugo!”



Source: Nao Toyama official website / Twitter


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