Voice Actress Idol Unit i☆Ris Tries Silent Dancing Relying on Their Biological Clock



To promote the release of their latest live DVD/Blu-ray “i☆Ris 8th Anniversary Live ~88888888~,” the six-member voice actress idol group i☆Ris will post a total of three variety videos on the theme of “dance” once a month on YouTube.


In its first video posted today, they try to dance in silent relying only on their own biological clock. If the time gap was short, it was evidence of an excellent sense of rhythm, so each member’s skills were put to the test. At the announcement of the results, a new record was unexpectedly set, demonstrating the professionalism of the group. Let’s see who has the best sense of rhythm in the video below.







i☆Ris held a special online concert to celebrate their debut’s eighth anniversary, titled “i☆Ris 8th Anniversary Live ~88888888~,” on November 8, 2020. They have held the anniversary concert every November since 2013, but due to the COVID-19 infection concerns, last year’s concert was held without an audience.


The DVD/Blu-ray including the 14 songs performed at the concert’s night performance is set to be released in Japan on February 24, 2021. As bonus footage, the disc also includes five songs from the daytime performance and off-shot movies.



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