Voice Actress Haruki Iwata & Moeka Koizumi

Voice Actress Haruki Iwata & Moeka Koizumi Form New Unit “harmoe” for Spring 2021 Debut



Pony Canyon announced on December 3 that 25-year-old voice actress Haruki Iwata and 24-year-old Moeka Koizumi have formed a new unit harmoe and plan to make their debut in the spring of 2021.


harmoe is a project for the whole world in which the two voice actresses sing along with pleasant dance-pop music as if they are acting to bring the worldview of fairy tales like anime or stage plays. Its tagline is “Music and Story Walk Together.” Their first artist visual was also shot in a fantastical fairytale atmosphere.


Their fan club is starting to accept advanced applications for their mail magazine membership.


Iwata and Koizumi have recently worked together in two anime series – Shoujo Kageki Revue Starlight from 2018 to 2020 (Iwata as Mahiru Tsuyuzaki and Koizumi as Nana Daiba) and the ongoing TV anime D4DJ First Mix (Iwata as Towa Hanamai and Koizumi as Yuka Jennifer Sasago).









Source: Pony Canyon




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