Virtually Hang With Crunchyroll

Virtually Hang With Crunchyroll at This Weekend’s Cloud Matsuri Event!

Cloud Matsuri


There’s a lot going on this weekend, including another exciting virtual con in the form of Cloud Matsuri. The Anime Limited-hosted event will be available for all to enjoy November 21-22 from 6:00am PT to 2:00pm PT for full eight-hour streams each day, and Crunchyroll will be there to get in on the fun.


As for what you can look forward to over the weekend, here’s a breakdown of some of the Crunchy goodness to come:


Saturday, November 21


6:00am PT: Pitch Your Poison

with Shawne Kleckner, Laura Kate Dale & Miles Thomas

Everyone loves discovering a new anime or having a recommendation thrown their way. Our special guests join us to discuss some anime that you should check out!


10:00am PT: Crunchyroll Originals Preview

featuring Onyx Equinox

With the premiere of the series imminent, get closer look at the series Onyx Equinox feataturing footage originally aired as part of Virtual Crunchyroll Expo!


Sunday, November 22


11:00am PT: Crunchyroll Originals Preview

featuring So I’m A Spider, So What?!

Ahead of its premiere early next year, get a preview of So I’m A Spider, So What? with comments from Okina Baba (author) & Tsukasa Kiryu (light novel illustrator) that aired as part of MCM’s Metaverse!


Some of the Japanese industry guests attending include Hiroshi Nagahama (Uzumaki director), Maki Terashima-Furuta (Production I.G USA President), Kunihiko Ikuhara (Revolutionary Girl Utena, Sailor Moon, and Sarazanmai director), and Chiho Saito (Utena manga author), among others. 


Cloud Matsuri will also feature some special merchandise offers from Crunchyroll, so keep an eye out for details. There’s also way more beyond that, from an Uzumaki Work in Progress panel to the always delightful Dubs That Time Forgot with Mike Toole, so be sure to check out the full schedule for all the details! 




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