TSA Reveals Naruto Knowledge After Confiscating Carry-On Kunai

TSA loves Naruto


Sometimes all it takes is the right confiscated item to reveal the Transportation Security Administration‘s secret love for anime. In the case of officers at the Spokane International Airport, that item happened to be some stealthy kunai, and the discovery of this deadly ninja weapon prompted the TSA Instagram account to enter full Naruto fan mode. 


Here’s the post in question



And the full text, which is amazing:


Obviously late for their Chunin exams, this passenger opted to fly and forgot the rules outside of the Hidden Leaf Village.


This is no genjutsu, keen eyed officers at Spokane International Airport (GEG) discovered these kunai in the passenger’s carry-on bags. Genin or not, throwing knives must be packed in your checked bags. We also recommend checking with your state and local laws regarding traveling with kunai as they may be illegal in your state.


Looking for the best way to pack your village’s headband? Well, Naruto run over to our friends at AskTSA. They are available seven days a week, and can answer any travel related question you may have.


You should obviously never take your kunai into an airport to begin with, but that goes doubly so now that we know the sheer level of the TSA’s ninjutsu. 




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