Trailer for Toei Animation’s Experimental Video URVAN Shows Nostalgic Cyberpunk World



Toei Animation’s official YouTube channel has posted a 35-second trailer for its new IP research and development team PEROs’ (Prototyping and Experimental Research in Oizumi Studio) experimental video “URVAN.” The clip is  produced in cooperation with Hitoshi Oba Laboratory at Nagasaki International University’s Faculty of Human and Social Studies, Department of International Tourism. 


“URVAN” refers to the ancient Avestan word “urvan (spirit)” from the seventh century B.C., which is said to be the origin of the Japanese word “Obon” or “Urabone,” a Japanese custom to honor the spirits of one’s ancestors in the middle of August.


Set in Sasebo-city, Nagasaki Prefecture, this anime is a mystical and nostalgic cyberpunk action based on the motif of Obon, the festival of welcoming and sending off spirits, where the “extraordinary” and the “ordinary” intersect. The real landscape of Sasebo is transformed into a cyberpunk world, and a mysterious man and woman run through the mysterious city.


The five-minute full clip will be aired on TV Sasebo at 16:54 on February 12 and also streamed worldwide on Toei Animation’s official YouTube channel from 16:30 on February 12 (JST) / 23:30 on February 11 (PT).








Background arts inspired by the real locations in the city: 






Source: Toei Animation official YouTube channel, Toei Animation press release


©Toei Animation


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