“Touken Ranbu Musical” Higekiri & Hizamaru Show Off Breathtaking Dance Performance in New MV



Two actors from the Touken Ranbu musical series, 21-year-old Hiroki Miura (Higekiri) and 23-year-old Akira Takano (Hizamaru) releases their first CD single “Seijyaku no Toushi” (Fighting Spirit of Silence) in Japan today, February 24, 2021. And the song’s full music video featuring their breathtaking dance performance is now streamed on YouTube. 


The title song was originally performed in the live part of “Touken Ranbu:The Musical HIGEKIRI HIZAMARU DUO PERFORMANCE 2020 ~SOGA~” held from August to October 2020. The limited edition A of its CD single features Higekiri on its jacket, while the limited edition B features Hizamaru.



“Seijyaku no Toushi” full MV*



Limited edition A CD jakcet:



Limited edition B:



“Touken Ranbu:The Musical “HIGEKIRI HIZAMARU DUO PERFORMANCE 2020 ~SOGA~” Poster visual:



Digest with English subtitles:



Source: “Musical Touken Ranbu” official Twitter


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