Tomie and Slug Girl

Tomie and Slug Girl Headline a Terrifying New Line of Junji Ito Funko Pops

Junji Ito Funko Pop! versions of Souichi and Fuchi


Funko Pop! collectors, get ready to make your toy shelves absolutely terrifying.


A new line of the big-headed action figures is on its way, featuring characters from the works of horror manga-ka Junji ito. Inspired by the anthology series Junji ito Collection, the set covers all the greats: the beautiful but deadly Tomie, the cursed Slug Girl, and more.


NYCC Souichi special edition


As reported by Bloody Disgusting, the Junji Ito line was christened in September with a NYCC limited-edition Souichi Tsuji Pop. This variant of the recurring Ito character featured him decked out with everything necessary to cause some serious supernatural trouble.


The new line includes a similarly haunted Souichi, this time hassling a spider with chopsticks. Also in the line are Yuuko of “Slug Girl,” complete with cursed slug tongue; the beautiful regenerating Tomie as depicted in “Painter”; and monstrous model Miss Fuchi of “Rumors” and “Fashion Model.”


Books-A-Million will also be offering an exclusive fifth figure: the hole-filled Hideo of “Shiver.”


Funko Pop! Junji Ito line


Slug Girl, Souichi, Tomie, and Miss Fuchi are currently available for pre-order from Hot Topic. The cursed Hideo figure is available for pre-order from Books-A-Million.


Source: @OriginalFunko on Twitter


Kara Dennison @RubyCosmos


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