Tokyo Mew Mew New Anime Set for 2022, Staff and Cast Revealed


The official website and Twitter account for the Tokyo Mew Mew New anime—which was first fully revealed last April after a tease in February—have come through with more info on the project thanks to the 1st MEWting online event. Based on the popular magical girl manga written by Reiko Yoshida and illustrated by Mai Ikumi, Tokyo Mew Mew New is officially set to broadcast in 2022, and a new visual is here along with details on the staff and cast


First up, the new visual featuring Ichigo Momomiya: 



Here are the staff members revealed thus far:



Takahiro Natori (Cannon Busters)


Series Composition

Yuka Yamada (Black Butler)


Character Designer

Satoshi Ishino (Date A Live)


Sound Director

Toshiki Kameyama (Non Non Biyori)


Animation Production

Yumeta Company x Graphinica


The cast vocal unit is named Smewthie, and includes voice cast members:


Yuuki Temma (Ichigo Momomiya)



Ryoko Juni (Lettuce Midorikawa)



Momoka Ishii (Zakuro Fujiwara)



Mirai Hinata (Mint Aizawa)



Rian Toda (Pudding Fong)



The group’s digital startup single, “bitter sweet darling,” will be released on March 22, and official goods will go up for pre-order soon. 



Source: @mew_mew_new




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