The Executioner and Her Way of Life TV Anime Adaptation Revealed

The Executioner and Her Way of Life


Another popular fantasy light novel series is about to make its way to screens, because The Executioner and Her Way of Life AKA Virgin Road—is officially getting a TV anime adaptation. The series—written by Masumi Sato and illustrated by Nilitsu—was the first to win the GA Bunko Light Novel Award since Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon? won seven years ago, and an English version will be available from Yen Press this March. 


An official website is now live for the adaptation along with a teaser trailer: 



Teaser visual:




Once upon a time, world was thrown into a chaos by people from another world with special powers known as “The Lost Ones”. To maintain peace, “The Executioners” are to kill “The Lost Ones” without mercy.


This is a story of an unlikely pair; executioner Menou, who tries to be pure, honest, and strong to carry out her mission and “The Lost One” Akari who has extraordinary ability. Where will the path lead them?


Main cast: 


Menou, the Executioner

VA: Iori Saeki (Kimie in ORESUKI: Are you the only one who loves me?)



A young executioner girl who has exceptional magical talent.


She is strongly dedicated to her mission and tries to finish off Akari before her power gets out of hands. She gets close to her targets with friendly manner to grasp their ability before killing them. Her main weapons are short blade and sacred scripture. 


Akari, the Lost One

VA: Moeka Kishimoto (Shino Sakura in Sakura Kakumei ~Hana Saku Otome-tachi~)



“The Lost One”. She is affectionate and easy-going. Menou is unable to kill her because of her ability even though she is not aware of it herself. She begins her journey with Menou, without knowing her true intentions.


The first four volumes of the light novel series are out now in Japan, with the fifth coming soon. Stay tuned for more info on the adaptation as it’s announced. 


The illustrator shared a piece of art on Twitter to celebrate: 



Source: Press release


©Mato Sato-SB Creative Corp./Project Executioner




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