Taste the Rasengan with Naruto Shippuden Whey Protein Powder

Naruto Uzumaki gets ready to chow down on a bowl of ramen in a scene from the Naruto Shippuden TV anime.E


Training to be the greatest shinobi in the Ninja World is a tough business, and to help fans achieve this goal Real Style Corporation is marketing a line of whey protein powder products with flavors inspired by the Naruto Shippuden TV anime. Both flavors are sold under Real Style Corporation’s be LEGEND imprint.


A promotional image of the be Legend Naruto Shippuden whey protein powder product by Real Style Corporation.


The “Rasengan”-flavored whey protein comes in 1 kilogram (2.2 lb) tubs that retail for 3200 yen ($30.91 US) including tax. It produces a fizzy, soda-flavored sports drink when mixed with water, and each serving contains 20 grams of protein and 120 calories. There is also a limited edition “Ichiraku Ramen Soup” flavor that comes in 400 gram (0.88 lb) tubs for 2780 yen ($26.85 US) including tax. The “Ichiraku Ramen Soup” flavor is limited to a run of only 5000 units.


A promotional image of the be Legend Naruto Shippuden Ichiraku Ramen Soup Protein product by Real Style Corporation.


In addition to the protein powder, the collaboration also sells a shaker featuring artwork of Naruto and Sasuke and T-shirts featuring Naruto and the be LEGEND logo. All of these products will be available for order through Japanese online retailers beginning on December 21, 2020.


What do you think, folks? Are you ready to pursue your own personal “Ninja Whey”?


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