Sweet Evangelion-Themed Gelato Invades Theaters Across Japan

Evangelion x ViTO Collaboration


Starting next month, there’s one more thing in your life you’ll be able to put Evangelion branding on: fancy gelato!


Japanese gelato company ViTO is collaborating with Evangelion to release a line of themed gelato cups, with flavors matched to the image colors of Rebuild characters and their Evas. The treat will be available at 19 food and drink corners at T-Joy owned theaters across the country.


Evangelion gelato flavors


On the menu are Mango for Rei, Viola (grape) for Shinji, Raspberry Rosso (raspberry/strawberry) for Asuka, Black Seame Latte for Kaworu, and Pescarosa (peach) for Mari. Cups are 700 yen each, and will come in a cup decorated with its respective character’s theme color and a silhouette of their EVA.


ViTO Gelato Evangelion Cups


The collab treats go on sale February 1 in limited quantities at each venue, and will be on sale while supplies last.


Source: Anime! Anime!


Kara Dennison @RubyCosmos


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