Sony Discontinues PlayStation 4 Pro in Japan, Only PS4 Slim in-Production

PlayStation 4


Sony is making way for the PlayStation 5!


Sony Interactive Entertainment updated the Japanese website for their PlayStation consoles today, revealing that the video game giant is discontinuing the production of every model of the PlayStation 4 except the 500GB version of the PS4 Slim. This cease of production also includes the four-year-old PlayStation 4 Pro system.


After the release of the PlayStation 5, it was only a matter of time until Sony halted the production of its last-generation video game console to focus on its now current generation system, but no one expected Sony to discontinue the PlayStation 4 this early into the PS5‘s lifespan. Production shortages, coupled with an uneasy roll-out, of the PlayStation 5 have left a lot of people without Sony’s brand new console, but it seems that now with the PlayStation 4 discontinued, production on the next-gen system can ramp up, bringing more stock to people who might want to play PS5 games or even just people who want to play any PlayStation exclusive title in 4K.


PlayStation 4

So long PlayStation 4!


It’s sad to see the end of a console generation, especially when it seems like there are more games scheduled for the now discontinued PS4 than the PS5. Luckily though it’s backward compatible!


Source: Game Watch


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