Seven Seas Licenses Headhunted To Another World: From Salaryman To Heavenly King! Manga


The latest in Seven Seas Entertainment‘s non-stop flood of announcements is yet another manga license, this time revealing plans to release Muramitsu and Benigashira’s salaryman isekai comedy Headhunted to Another World: From Salaryman to Heavenly King!. The first volume is due out in North America in September 2021.


Uchimura Dennosuke is just an ordinary Japanese salaryman, until he’s sent to work in Vietnam where he dies in a hit-and-run accident. Uchimura is reincarnated and summoned to another world by the Demon King, who offers him a new job–as one of the Four Heavenly Kings of his army! Uchimura is faced with an offer he can’t refuse, but can he do the job?



SOURCE: Press Release


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