Seven Seas’ Latest Mature-Rated Manga License is the Absolute Pits


Seven Seas Entertainment continued the licence-palooza today with another addition to its mature-themed Ghost Ship imprint. Next up is Akira Hizuki’s Desire Pandora, which will kick off its print and digital run when volume one ships this August.


The full cover is not subtle, so consider these some NSFW armpits



Takai Tsukasa might humbly call himself an armpit connoisseur–he really knows his stuff (the stuff being the beauty of women’s shapely armpits). But for all of his meticulous study, will he ever find pitch perfect pits? A careless wish on a magic ring gives him a chance to find out by summoning the most gorgeous woman alive–but said woman just so happens to be a demoness! In a classic case of “be careful what you wish for,” things are about to get sweaty and perhaps a little too hot for Takai to handle.


Desire Pandora


Source: Press release 




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