See Rei Ayanami’s Gentle Smile in the Extended KATE Lipstick PV

Evangelion x KATE - No More Rules


Back in November, we covered a collaboration between Evangelion and makeup brand KATE. The campaign, starring series darling Rei Ayanami putting on her “first lipstick,” showcased the KATE Red Nude Rouge (EV) lip color palette. This week, to celebrate a new run of sales, the animated ad is back with an extra five seconds of footage.


The second video is titled “Rei Ayanami, Her Lipstick, Afterwards,” and is largely the same as the original video. This time, however, we see Rei meeting up with someone and smiling. As before, the ad is directed and key animated by KIZNAIVER character designer Mai Yoneyama, and features the voice of Megumi Hayashibara.



Rei Ayanami waiting

Rei looking up

Rei smiling


The palette went on pre-order in November, with orders shipping out today. At the same time, you’ll be able to order the palette in limited quantities from, LOHACO, and other retail web shops. The lipstick markets itself as customizable, with both colored and nude shades that you can mix to achieve your personal favorite tone:


Evangelion x KATE Lipstick Palette

Evangelion x KATE Lipstick Palette, as seen in the ad


Source: Comic Natalie


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