Sakaiminato City Celebrates Shigeru Mizuki’s 99th Birthday Online

A promotional image for the Shigeru Mizuki 99th Birthday Festival, featuring an image of Mizuki surrounded by the cast of GeGeGe no Kitaro drawn in Mizuki's signature manga style.


Although luminary manga artist Shigeru Mizuki passed away in 2015, his home town of Sakaiminato City in Tottori Prefecture still celebrates his birthday every year, and this year the festivities will take the form of an online streaming show featuring voice actors, musical guests, and major announcements for the future.


The “Shigeru Mizuki 99th Birthday Celebration” event will be filmed in Chofu City, Tokyo, and streamed on Toei Animation’s Youtube channel on March 07, 2021, beginning at 1:30pm JST.


A promotional image of the musical group Maneki Kecak.


Guests include voice actors Miyuki Sawashiro (the voice of Kitaro in the 6th GeGeGe no Kitaro TV anime) and Yukiyo Fujii (the voice of Mana Inuyama) and musical group Maneki Kecak (ED theme song performers for the 6th TV anime). Voice actors Masako Nozawa (the voice of Kitaro in the 1st and 2nd TV anime as well as the voice of Medama Oyaji in the 6th TV anime) and Toshio Furukawa (the voice of Nezumi Otoko in the 6th TV anime) will also appear via teleconference.


Additionally, the “Shigeru Mizuki 99th Birthday Celebration” event is also teasing the announcement of 4 major projects for 2022 to coincide with the 100th birthday of Shigeru Mizuki.


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