Sailor Moon Café -Eternal- Rolls Out a Royal Repast for Upcoming Films

Sailor Moon Café -Eternal-


With Sailor Moon Eternal on the way, Sailor Moon fans around the world are ready to celebrate. Fortunately for fans in Japan, Sailor Moon Café -Eternal- is on top of that mood with six venues’ worth of food, drinks, and limited-edition goods.


The theme of the limited-time event is “Eternal Memories,” and features key art of the Sailor Guardians in elegant white gowns. As for the menus themselves, they’re equally elegant, with color-coded dishes and drinks for all your favorite characters. Dine on a sweet yogurt bowl, Aqua Sparkling Parfait, salmon chirashizushi, pastrami and vegetable open-faced sandwich, or “Love and Beauty Curry”:


Moon rabbit yogurt bowl

Aqua Sparkling Parfait

Salmon Chirashizushi

Vegetable and Pastrami sandwich

Love and Beauty Curry


There are also themed sodas for the Inner Guardians, teas for the Outer Guardians, and sweet treets like the Small Lady Unicorn Cupcake:


Ami Mizuno Soda

Michiru Kaioh Green Tea

Small Lady Unicorn Cupcake


The full menu includes even more, as well as items that will be swapped in later in the event’s run. Orders from the menu will come with special placemats and coasters:


Sailor Moon Café -Eternal- Placemats and Coasters


Of course, there’s a wide selection of goods, too! The wide array of accessories and home goods includes keyrings, art prints, mugs, hoodies, and much more:


Sailor Moon Café -Eternal- Goods

Acrylic Keyrings

Canvas Art Prints

Sailor Moon Mugs

Sailor Moon Eternal Hoodie


Sailor Moon Café -Eternal- opens in Tokyo Solamachi and Nagoya on December 24, and will expand to Osaka, Shinjuku, Okinawa, and Hokkaido throughout January 2021.


Sailor Moon Eternal


Sailor Moon Eternal, the two-part film event adapting the magical girl manga’s Dream Arc, will open January 8 and February 11, 2021 in Japan.


Source: Anime! Anime!


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