Robots and V.R. Make Moving Fun in “Move to the Future” Promo Video

Izumi-chan begins to nod off in the moving van after a hard day's work in a scene from the third installment of Art Corporation's "Move to the Future" promotional video series.


Art Corporation has published the third entry in its “Move to the Future” animated promotional video series, and once again voice actors Kana Hanazawa and Akira Ishida return to reprise their roles as a human (Izumi-chan) and a helpful robot (ARBOT) experiencing what Art’s moving services may one day look like in the science fiction future.


Highlights from the video include hover-carts, high-tech packing goo, and virtual reality programs to help visualize where furniture goes when transplanted to a new home. The video also features the voice talents of Reiji Kawashima as the Male Customer and Yuka Nukui as the Female Customer.



The third entry in the “Move to the Future” video series is directed by Kazuya Aiura and features character designs by Motonobu Hori, a screen play by Kazuyuki Fudeyasu, and animation production by Studio Bind. The ending theme, “Atarashii Mirai” (“Fresh Future”), is performed by Yae & Ayame.


Source: MoCa


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