Reproduction Gundam Rucksack and Doll Memorialize Amuro Ray’s Homecoming

Mobile Suit Gundam: Amuro's rucksack and doll


Amidst the more famous, action-packed moments of the original Mobile Suit Gundam is episode 13, in which Amuro Ray returns to his childhood home to find his mother. The bittersweet episode, aired in 1979 and titled “Coming Home,” is memorialized in a pair of new items from Premium Bandai.


Screenshot from episode 13, "Coming Home"


The new goods include reproductions of both Amuro’s light blue rucksack and his childhood doll, both featured in the episode. The rucksack is made from synthetic leather, and matches the strappy angular look of Amuro’s own bag. Zippers have been added to the side pockets to make them more secure for daily use.


Amuro Ray's rucksack: six views


The doll, sold separately, is actually a soft fabric mascot toy made in the image of the wooden clown doll — which Amuro finds up on a shelf when he investigates his former home. The doll has a zippered pouch for stowing small items, and a chain so it can be attached to keyrings or bags.


Amuro's doll, as seen in the anime

Gundam mascot doll - front

Gundam mascot doll - seated

Gundam mascot doll - back

Gundam rucksack and doll


Both items are available for pre-order until December 9, and will ship out in February 2021. The light blue rucksack sells for 9,900 yen (about $94.60), and the reproduction doll sells for 2,420 yen (about $23).


Source: Anime! Anime!


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