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We’ve all had that moment where you’re in the car with your friend and they ask to put some music on. For me, panic sets in — my music is weird as all hell. Do I lie and play music I think they will like, or do I just embrace the fact that I’m going to play weird stuff? This is the modern-day reality of being an anime fan online.


Hi, I’m Connor, a personality online! I had my YouTube career (if you will) blow up because of my love of anime, and I’m constantly asked which anime are my favorites. Well, for the first time, I’ll let you know! Essentially, this list is my 30 favorite anime of all time. Now this list will include some you expect, some you didn’t and of course Jojo


Jojo's Bizarre Adventure


1. Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure

I think anyone who knows me expected this. I love Jojo’s, I love everything about Jojo’s. The fanbase may be rabid and obnoxious at times, but there’s something about this series that makes it a community event to be a part of. It’s got a hard-to-appreciate art style at first, but it really grows on you. It becomes almost infectious and there isn’t anything like it. Luckily, for fans of the manga, the anime produced by David Productions has done nothing but heighten the series by adding a soundtrack and voice work that most anime would die for.




2. Bokurano


Bokurano is difficult. It’s uncomfortable. It’s ugly. But it’s a show you can’t ever forget. Bokurano constanly leaves you unsettled and unhappy. It forces you to address your thoughts on life and the suffering that can come with it, something that many anime have tried and failed to do. I wholeheartedly believe Bokurano is a show that everyone must watch at least once.


Ping Pong the Animation


3. Ping Pong the Animation


I think at one point or another, we’ve all naturally took to a skill or hobby and later dropped it, only to, later on in life, wish we had tried harder. Inversely, I think we’ve all had skills that we wish we could get better at, only to get frustrated seeing people exercise those skills with ease. Ping Pong manages to capture that very basic human experience and package it in a simple 12-episode series that I ended up loving way more than I ever expected.


Attack on Titan


4. Attack on Titan

A very safe pick for sure, but Attack on Titan really does deserve the hype surrounding it, and as the final season is coming to an end, it’s been an amazing experience getting to follow along for nearly eight years. Continually, Attack on Titan has surprised audiences with tear-filled episodes and goosebump-inducing moments.


Mob Psycho 100


5. Mob Psycho 100

Mob Psycho 100although sometimes overshadowed by its bald, overpowered brother, [Mob Psycho 100] really has shown audiences that it’s something special. Mob’s journey of self-improvement, mixed with the fantastically charismatic Reigen makes for a beautiful, heart-warming, and overall beautifully animated experience. 


And here are the rest of the series:


6. Death Note
7. Hellsing Ultimate
8. Gurren Lagann
9. Hunter x Hunter (2011)
10. Banana Fish
11. Toradora
12. Monster
13. Code Geass
14. One Punch Man
15. Samurai Champaloo
16. Steins;Gate
17. Psycho-Pass
18. Death Parade
19. Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood
20. Devilman Crybaby
21. Made In Abyss
22. Ouran High School Host Club
23. Baccano!
24. Parasyte -the maxim-
25. Golden Time
26. Rent-A-Girlfriend
27. Kill La Kill
28. Jormungand
29. One Outs
30. Haven’t You Heard? I’m Sakamoto


Honestly, writing this list was way harder than I expected, we are absolutely spoiled for choice, this list could easily be a top 100. But I hope some of you reading this find something new that you might check out.


How many of your anime favorites made the list? Tell us in the comments!





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