QUIZ: Test Your Anime News Knowledge to Get Reincarnated in Style 

Slime Quiz


You’d have to be pretty lucky to die and come back to life as something that’s actually really awesome. The odds are totally against it, of course, but every now and then you hear tale of someone who got run over by a truck only to be whisked away to another world as a badass warrior. Or someone else who got hit by a truck and came back as a dragon or something. Or you could just come back as a medieval diaper, who knows? 


The only way to find out is by testing your knowledge with this week’s NEWS QUIZ! We’ve got another set of 10 questions based on anime and related news from the past week, and we want to see if you can score a perfect 10/10. Do so and you just might reincarnate as something not totally useless in another world. 


In last week’s quiz we pitted you against Gaara of the Sand, not to see if you could best him in battle, but to see whether or not you could come out of it alive. Crunchyroll user chinpup got close with a score of 9/10, but it seems no one managed to hold their own against Gaara completely! 


Let’s see if fortune truly favors the bold this week. Let us know how you did in the comments, and you can also tweet at Crunchyroll to share your accomplishment with everyone.





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