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PlayStation 5 Has 2nd Worst Launch for Sony Console in Japan on Back of Selling Out

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Japanese game website Famitsu reported today that the PlayStation 5 had only sold 118,085 consoles in the 4 days since it was released on November 12 in Japan. This makes it the second-worst debut for a console in Sony’s home country, trailing in front of the PlayStation 3 which sold 88,000 consoles – and then went on to sell over 10 million consoles over its lifespan.


Even though this sounds bad, as of right now, the PlayStation 5 is sold out in stores across the country (though all sales are currently online only), with some stores announcing they may not get stock until 2021, meaning there’s demand (Japanese second-hand websites are littered with overpriced resales), but no consoles to supply gamers with. Though Famitsu notes that there should be more consoles before the end of the year – though only available through lotteries on online stores, no direct sales.


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On the software side, the best-selling physical game on the PS5 is the followup to the 2019 Marvel’s Spider-Man game, Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales at 18,640 copies sold, with Demon Soul’s at a very close second at 18,607 copies. Digital sales have not been tracked by Famitsu. 


The Xbox Series X/S, which has always sold significantly less in Japan against Nintendo and Sony, saw its worst launch in the country, sold just 20,534 consoles together, which just shy of Xbox One‘s launch of 23,562 consoles. Xbox’s were equally sold out across Japan as well, forcing retailers to use the lottery system as well. 


It’s good to remember that the console launches were in the middle of a pandemic, which had not only shipment issues, but manufacturing delays, and were day and date with the rest of the world, which is a first for both consoles. 


Source: Famitsu


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