Original English Light Novel From Ashe Debuts On March 1st


We get requests to cover light novels and cover them frequently when new licenses are announced, but rarely do we get the chance to shine a light on original English-language light novels, until now. 


Author Joshua J. Piedra has announced that his latest self-published work From Ashe, will be released on March 1st, via Amazon Kindle for $4.99 and in a physical edition also available on Amazon for $12.99. The book is described as follows and will feature illustration work from noted artist and illustrator Alex Garcia:


Ashe Sawyer wants to become an author; however, she discovers that the path of a writer isn’t always paved with gold. Ashe looks to take this journey alongside her childhood friend and roommate, Renji Keita. Renji is a NEET (Not in Employment, Education, or Training); however, Ashe doesn’t have the heart to kick him out due to a turbulent, yet, mysterious past together. When Ashe is not writing or dealing with Renji, she is a content manager for a world-leading tech company called In/Source… which becomes the bane of her existence. An undesirable job, a frustrating roommate, and lackluster writing skills. These are just some of the challenges Ashe faces as she sets out on a journey to become a published author!



SOURCE: Press Release


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