Nijigen no Mori Theme Park to Open Dragon Quest-themed New Attraction in Spring 2021



The Nijigen no Mori theme park in Awaji Island, Hyogo Prefecture, announced today that a new attraction inspired by Square Enix’s internationally famous game franchise Dragon Quest, titled “Dragon Quest Island: The Great Demon King Zoma and The Island of The Beginning,” will open in the spring of 2021, the 35th anniversary year of the game. The attraction that recreates the world of Dragon Quest will be planned and produced by Square Enix. 


“Dragon Quest Island: The Great Demon King Zoma and The Island of The Beginning,” is a field RPG attraction to express the world of Drago Quest by fusing the real and digital. The participants will be able to enjoy the world of Dragon Quest through their own adventures as they become the protagonists, while following the attraction’s original story. It will also feature original monsters and offer various contents that will appeal to Dragon Quest fans and people of all ages, such as original merchandise and foods. Further details will be announced on the attraction’s official website and Twitter account.



The attraction’s original navigator Homilot (healslime). A reliable and lovable companion who gives participants various advice and helps during their adventures. From now on, Homilot will be on the official SNS account to provide information about this attraction.



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Source: Pasona Group press release




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