Mori Calliope Slices her Way to 1 Million Subscribers on YouTube

Mori Calliope


Hololive VTuber Mori Calliope reached over one million subscribers today on YouTube today during her one million subscriber endurance stream while playing Skyrim. Calli is the 7th Hololive creator to reach the one million sub mark after Japanese Hololive members Aqua and Marine did so the other day. 


In a coincidence, Gura had reached over 2 million subscribers on January 18 while also playing Skyrim, making the game lucky for Hololive members!


Endurance stream:


Hololive Productions is a Japanese VTuber talent agency that auditions talent to become VTubers and helps them grow into internet superstars. Gawr Gura is part of the first generation of English VTubers in the agency, which includes that of Mori CalliopeTakanashi KiaraNinomae Ina’nis, and Watson Amelia. Auditions for an English VSinger at Hololive is currently live.


 Congrats to the reaper, please spare us when you end your hiatus~


Source: Mori Calliope on YouTube


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