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Love Live! Series Ayumu Uehara VA Aguri Onishi to Make Solo Singer Debut in March 2021



A Japanese record company Nippon Columbia has announced that anime voice actress Aguri Onishi will release her solo singer debut single “Honjitsu wa Seitenari” (It’s Fine Today) on March 3, 2021. The single will be released from the joint project of the company and Universal Music.


After working as a child actress, she became one of the finalists of the 13th All Japan Bishoujo Contest in 2012 and formed an idol group X21 along with the other finalists in the following year. The group finished its activities in five years, then Onishi made her voice actress debut in 2017 by playing Miu Ichinose in the Yomekura drama CD. In the ongoing fall 2020 season, she is playing two leading roles – Ayumu Uehara in Love Live! Nijigasaki High School Idol Club and Fubuki Kitakaze in Maesetsu! Opening Act.


She wrote on Twitter, “I have news for you. What a surprise! I will make my solo debut on March 3, 2021! It all thanks to everyone who always supports me. Thank you so much!! I’ll do my best to grow more with this debut! I hope you will continue to keep watching over me warmly. I would appreciate your continued support!” and “The title of the debut single is ‘Honjitsu wa Seitenari’ (It’s Fine Today). I feel like I could become a rain bringer thanks to this song. I hope you will look forward to it!” 



Video message from Onishi:







Ayumu Uehara’s dance performance scene from the first episode of Love Live! Nijigasaki High School Idol Club.



Source: Nippon Columbia press release




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