Lord of Lords: Ryū Knight Exhibition Celebrates 25 Years of Fantasy Mecha Action

Ryu Knight 25th Anniversary


25 years ago, Lord of Lords: Ryū Knight mixed fantasy adventure and mecha action. To celebrate its big anniversary, an exhibition will be taking place for the Sunrise series, featuring a selection of very cool goods for fans of the show!


Based on the manga by Outlaw Star and NG Knight Ramune & 40 creator Takehiko Itō, the Ryū Knight anime ran for 52 episodes and was followed by two OVAs totaling up to a further 17 episodes. it follows Adeu, a chivalrous apprentice knight in search of the mighty Earth Blade. He and his friends — a ninja, a mage, and a priest, with more to follow — all pilot Ryu mechs themed to their class.


Ryu Knight Event Key Visual


The exhibition will feature a variety of production materials, including art settings and cels. There will also be photo spots featuring character standees, so you can take a chivalrous selfie.


Fans in want of Ryū Knight merch will finally have the chance to get their hands on some. Available goods include T-shirts, canvas prints, keyrings, clocks, sliding mirrors, and more:


Ryu Knight Shirt 1

Ryu Knight Shirt 2

Ryu Knight: Canvas Prints

Ryu Knight: Keyring

Ryu Knight: Clock

Ryu Knight: Sliding Mirror

Ryu Knight: Stickers

Ryu Knight: Pass Case

Ryu Knight: Pinback Buttons

Ryu Knight: Postcards

Ryu Knight: Tote Bag


There’s even a stamp featuring Adeu in his “Ethos of Chivalry” declaration stance:


Ryu Knight: Ethos of Chivalry Stamp


Goods will be available both at the event and in the Hakaba no Garou online store. Purchases of 5,000 yen or more (including tax) will come with a bonus sticker.


The Lord of Lords: Ryū Knight Exhibition will run December 4-14 at Nakano Broadway’s Hakaba no Garou.


Source: Comic Natalie


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