Laid-Back Camp Season 2 – Crunchyroll Winter 2021 Spotlight


If you’re in the mood for some much-needed respite, the latest show to launch as part of Crunchyroll’s Winter 2021 lineup will definitely do the trick. The long-awaited second season of Laid-Back Camp is here, so grab a steamy beverage and cozy on up as we run through an overview of the happy campers’ return. 


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Laid-Back Camp Season 2 





Launch Info

Launch Time: January 6 (Live NOW!)

Territories: North America, Central America, South America, Europe, Africa, Oceania, the Middle East, and CIS

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(Season 1) Nadeshiko, a high school student who had moved from Shizuoka to Yamanashi, decides to see the famous, 1000 yen-bill-featured Mount Fuji. Even though she manages to bike all the way to Motosu, she’s forced to turn back because of worsening weather. Unable to set her eyes on her goal, she faints partway to her destination. When she wakes up, it’s night, in a place she’s never been before, with no way of knowing how to get home. Nadeshiko is saved when she encounters Rin, a girl who is out camping by herself. This outdoorsy girls story begins with this first encounter between Nadeshiko and Rin.

Characters and Cast


New gear, ahoy! Check out Minami-sensei, Ena-san, Rin, Nadeshiko, Chiaki, Aoi, and Aoi’s little sister Akari as they appear in season 2:



Aoi Inuyama

VA: Aki Toyosaki (Yui Hirasawa in K-ON!)



Rin Shima 

VA: Nao Toyama (Yui Yuigahama in My Teen Romantic Comedy SNAFU)



Ena Saitou 

VA: Rie Takahashi (Emilia in Re:ZERO)



Chiaki Ohgaki

VA: Sayuri Hara (Mayu Miyake in Flowers of Evil)



Nadeshiko Kagamihara

VA: Yumiri Hanamori (Ai Hayasaka in KAGUYA-SAMA: LOVE IS WAR)



Ayano Toki

VA: Tomoyo Kurosawa (Phosphophyllite in Land of the Lustrous)



Minami Toba 

VA: Shizuka Itou (Rindo Kobayashi in Food Wars! Shokugeki no Soma)



Sakura Kagamihara

VA: Marina Inoue (Armin Arlert in Attack on Titan)



Akari Inuyama

VA: Risae Matsuda (Kaoru Mashiko in Katana Maidens)






Original Creator




Yoshiaki Kyougoku (Laid Back Camp season 1, ROOM CAMP)


Series Composition

Jin Tanaka (Tokyo Ghoul, Anne-Happy)


Character Design

Mutsumi Sasaki


Mechanical Design

Daisuke Endo

Hajime Maruo


Color Design

Taeko Mizuno


Art Director

Yoshimi Umino


Sound Director

Takeshi Takadera



Akiyuki Tateyama


Opening Theme Performer



Ending Theme Performer

Eri Sasaki


Animation Production



Additional Info


Sanrio’s popular mascot character Hello Kitty collaborated with the second season of Laid-Back Camp to show off the beauty of the real-life Yamanashi – the prefecture in which the manga and anime are set. A collab visual drawn by C-Station was released alongside the first episode of three of the collab!



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