Kandagawa Jet Girls Races to Home Video with English Dub Cast Reveal

Kandagawa Jet Girls English dub


If you’re in the mood for some cheeky mixed media fun, the Kandagawa Jet Girls TV anime is coming to home video next month. Sentai Filmworks has the Blu-ray complete collection scheduled for March 23, and ahead of that we have a look at the full English dub cast along with a preview.


Before we get to the extensive list, here’s the official dub clip: 



Christine Auten is ADR Director for Kandagawa Jet Girls, Jonathan Rodriguez is Engineer alongside Additional Engineers David Lascoe and Chris Park, Natalie Jones is Translator, and Marta Bechtol is on the ADR script. 


Here’s the main cast:




Rin Namiki

Kira Vincent Davis

Misa Aoi

Darcy Whitehall





Aqua Manjo

D. B. Newton


Cathryn Gray

Kaguya Shijuuin

Shelby Blocker

Kuromaru Manpuku

Melody Spade

Jennifer Peach

Katelyn Barr

Emily Orange

Brittney Karbowski

Ziyu Pan

Nadine Russell

Dina Pan

Nadine Russell

Fuka Tamaki

Olivia Swasey

Inori Misuda

Holly Segarra

Manatsu Shiraishi

Eileen Dover

Yuzu Midorikawa

Jane Smith

Kiriko Yoshitoku

Joslin Johnson


Juliet Simmons

Fumika Shinshijuin (Bunke)

Velma Kelly


Delilah Jones


Brittney Karbowski


Samantha Kennedy

Rin’s Father

John Swasey

Ran Namiki

Eileen Dover

Risa Aoi

Katelyn Barr

Sweet Cocoa Waitress

Delilah Jones  (Ep. 5, 9, 10)

Hell’s Kitchen Manager

Samantha Kennedy (Ep. 8, 10)


John Swasey (Ep. 12, OVA)


Juliet Simmons (Ep. 12, OVA)





Young Misa Aoi

Darcy Whitehall

Young Rin Namiki

Kira Vincent Davis


Head to Sentai Filmworks for an even more extensive list of additional voices and info on the home video release’s availability.




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