JUJUTSU KAISEN Manga Conjures Up Over 20 Million Copies Printed and Sold



Last month, we reported that JUJUTSU KAISEN had printed and sold over 15 million copies of Gege Akutami’s popular manga series, but today, the official Twitter account for the manga revealed that as of January 13, the JUJUTSU KAISEN manga has printed and sold over 20 million copies in Japan, including digital copies.





This means the series has sold an estimated 5 million copies in under a month, and 10 million copies in two months. The official Twitter account thanked fans for their support and asks that if you are enjoying the TV anime, to try out the original manga as well. 


The JUJUTSU KAISEN TV anime started broadcasting in Japan on October 3, streaming on Crunchyroll as it airs in Japan weekly.


Source: JUJUTSU KAISEN on Twitter



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