Hololive’s Aqua, Sephiroth Statues Greets Prospective Students at Kyoto University

Sephiroth at Kyoto University


Today marked the general entrance exams at Kyoto University, which sees hundreds of prospective students walk through the campus to the halls where their futures await. Every year, current students at Kyodai erect signs and statues in support of their future underclassmen. 


One such tradition is the annual Orita Hikoichi’s statue event, where current students make up an imitation statue (usually a pop-culture reference) to greet prospective students taking the general selection exams. Though the celebrations usually only having one statue going up to represent the now-gone statue of one of the founders of a previous incarnation of Kyoto University, three went up this year, including hololive’s Aqua, Final Fantasy VII‘s Sephiroth, and the boar from Kaiketsu Zorori











But Kyoto University wasn’t having it, putting up signs asking for the statues to be taken down (which can be seen in the images above). Because of the abundance of statues this year, only one was placed on top of the pedestal where the original Orita Hikoichi stood, with, thankfully, signs around the statue to socially distance people. The more accepted (by the university) signage also returned this year, with hololive’s Pekora, Demon Slayers Akaza, and many more come out to encourage the exam takers.

















Source: Kyoto Shimbun


Hero image from @kusyokuin

Thumbnail from @tsun_tsun_dayo


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