Hidden Human Nature Revealed in Homunculus Live-action Film Trailer



The official website for the upcoming live-action film adaptation of Hideo Yamamoto’s psychological horror manga Homunculus has posted a new main visual and a 60-second trailer. The new clip features teh film’s theme song “Trepanation” provided by Daiki Tsuneta’s musical project millennium parade. The dark rock tune is included in the project’s first album “THE MILLENNIUM PARADE” released on February 10, 2021. 


The film directed by the internationally acclaimed horror film director Takashi Shimizu (Ju-on) will be released in Japan for a limited time from April 2, 2021, then will be streamed exclusively on Netflix worldwide.


The film’s story follows a protagonist, played by Go Ayano (Shinjuku Swan), who has lost his memory and social status, undergoes a forbidden experiment called “Trepanation” in which a hole is drilled into his skull. Since then, the distortion of the human mind becomes visible in his left eye. The cogs of his mad fate begin to turn with the shocking truth hidden in his own memories… This is a psycho-mystery story that realistically reflects the true nature of human beings.



60-second trailer:



Main visual with a tagline “What am I watching?”:





Source: “Homunculus” live-action film official website / Twitter


©2021 Hideo Yamamoto, Shogakukan/avex pictures


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