Gintama: THE FINAL Anime Film Reveals Full Roster of Demon Slayer Art

Gintama: THE FINAL


The Gintama: THE FINAL anime film website today revealed all the illustrations of the Hashira and Tanjiro from Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba that was drawn by Gintama manga creator Hideaki Sorachi that was given away as cards for the first week of screenings for the “last” Gintama anime project. The full visual, alongside another visual drawn by the manga creator, will be given away on a double-sided mini-poster during the fourth week of screenings of Gintama: THE FINAL in Japan.


Demon Slayer x Gintama


Gintama: THE FINAL


The Demon Slayer visual references the fact that the Hashira (plus Tanjiro) don’t actually appear in the Gintama film, but the Hashira (in this case being read as “samurai”) play an important part in the excitement of the “final battle” of the anime film, showing the true colors of the promotion. 


A post on the film’s official website states that manga creator Sorachi has been participating heavily in the film, helping to draw the theatrical benefits, main poster, some of the original animation, as well as voicing a character in the film. Together with the staff, the post claims they’re working hard to make the “true end” of Gintama exciting.


Source: Gintama movie official website


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