Get Your Dreams Eaten With This Gengar Sleeping Cushion Tongue

Gengar cushion


Sleeping should become easier with this Gengar cushion (pillow? futon? Not really sure what to call it, to be honest…) available to eat your dreams away.


Premium Bandai, who is also known for the infamous Metapod sleeping bag, announced a brand new Pokémon napping apparatus this morning and promptly sold out of it in just two hours, leaving people wondering how they’ll get to sleep without a Gengar to use Hypnosis on them.


Gengar cushion


The napping contraption houses a full length, 170cm long, tongue that can be rolled out to use as the owner wishes. Example from the product page includes; sleeping on in, using it as a blanket, making it into a pillow, or just disregarding completely and sticking your head into the mouth of Gengar. The possibilities are endless!


Gengar cushion


Gengar cushion


If pre-orders come back up for the Pokémon companion, the Gengar headrest and fold-out covering will catch a whopping 25,950 yen (US$249.95) out of your wallet and trade you a Pokémon in return that’ll ship out sometime in June.


Source: Premium Bandai via PokeJungle 


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