Funimation Announces Forthcoming

Funimation Announces Forthcoming Blu-Ray Release Of One Piece TV Anime With Season 11 Voyage 1


Funimation has announced that the One Piece TV anime will be released on Blu-Ray in conjunction with Toei Animation. The first Blu-Ray release for the TV series will begin with Season 11 and will use Funimation’s Voyage naming convention already used on the previously released DVD sets. Funimation is also stating that this will mark the first ever release of the One Piece TV anime on Blu-Ray. 



The first set will span Episodes 629-641 with English subtitles and the English dub fans have come to know and love. In addition, Funimation has also confirmed the inclusion of the One Piece voice actor panel conducted during this year’s FunimationCon 2020 virtual convention as an bonus extra with the release. Release details and pricing will be announced in the future.


SOURCES: Funimation Blog and Funimation on Twitter


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