Five Members Smile Softly in BanG Dream! Episode of Roselia 2nd Film Main Visual



The official website and Twitter for the upcoming two-part anime film BanG Dream! Episode of Roselia has posted a main visual for its second part “II: Song i am.” featuring the five members of Roselia with soft smile on their faces. 


The first part “I: Yakusoku (Promise)” of the two-part film series focusing on Roselia in Bushiroad’s mixed-media project BanG Dream! is set to be released in 97 theaters across Japan on April 23, 2021. Then its second part “II: Song i am.” will follow sometime in 2021.  







Also, it is announced that the advance ticket for the second part with an A5-size clear file using the main visual will be available at the theaters from February 12.







Main visual for the first part “I: Yakusoku”



Teaser trailer:



“BanG Dream! Episode of Roselia – I: Yakusoku / II: Song i am.”


  • Original story: Bushiroad 
  • Original script: Craft Egg 
  • Anime production Sanjigen
  • Distribution: Bushiroad 
  • General director: Koudai Kakimoto (BanG Dream! 2nd & 3rd Season
  • Director: Atsushi Mimira from Sanjigen (BanG Dream! 2nd & 3rd Season CG supervisor) 
  • Series composition: Yuniko Ayana 
  • Screenplay: Koudai Kakimoto, Midori Goto from Sanjigen 
  • Music: Elements Garden



Source: Bushiroad press release, “BanG Dream!” franchise official Twitter 


(c)BanG Dream! Project ©Craft Egg Inc. ©bushiroad All Rights Reserved.


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