Final NieR: Automata Secret Discovered Nearly Four Years After Launch

NieR: Automata


It’s always intriguing when a game that’s been a fan favorite for years still has some tricks hidden deep within it. That’s been the case with NieR: Automata for a while now, but one diligent player finally uncovered the last hidden secret, three years and 10 months after the action game’s initial 2017 launch.


The secret in question is a cheat code that lets players skip to the last ending and unlock bonus modes right after beating the first boss. According to @manfightdragon, who invested “hundreds of hours of reverse engineering” into this discovery, this isn’t a glitch, but a hard-coded cheat. 


Here’s the tweet about the discovery, which was shared by game director Yoko Taro. If you’ve yet to play NieR: Automata, you’ll want to stop reading now to avoid spoilers and, hey, why not play it? It’s an incredible game. 



And, as promised, here’s the full video showing the trick in action: 



Looks like we’ll soon have a bunch of new any% speedrun records! 


Via Destructoid




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