FEATURE: Every Crazy Aqua Face in KONOSUBA

Every Crazy Aqua Face in KONOSUBA


This article written by Joseph Luster was originally published on April 30, 2020


Like any good story, KONOSUBA -God’s blessing on this wonderful world! starts out totally low-key and gradually intensifies from there. Alright, I can’t even pretend that’s remotely true, but if there’s one thing we’ve scientifically determined, it’s that Aqua’s already pretty crazy facial expressions get even crazier over time


If you haven’t watched this delightfully ridiculous anime in a while, or at all — seriously, now’s a great time to start! — we’ve got the overview you’ve been dying to see: Every crazy Aqua face in KONOSUBA! These are in chronological order, starting with KONOSUBA Season 1, Episode 1, and moving all the way through the finale of Season 2 and including both OVAs. Truly, this gallery is a blessing on OUR wonderful world. 


WARNING: There WILL be KONOSUBA spoilers, in that we WILL spoil all of Aqua’s absurd reactions. 


Aqua Ramps Up in KONOSUBA Season 1


How else should a goddess — useless or not — react after finding out the ridiculously embarrassing way our lead protagonist Kazuma died? Getting isekai’d may sound like fun, but not when it comes at the cost of your dignity. Aqua eventually composes herself, but it isn’t long until we’re treated to a season full of absurd reactions and unforgettable faces. 


Aqua's not ready for what's about to happen


When the shut-in otaku you’re dealing with makes the one choice you didn’t expect:


When the shut-in otaku you’re dealing with makes the one choice you didn’t expect

Aqua reaction face 


When you find out everyone isn’t worshipping you exclusively: 


Aqua's funny KONOSUBA face


When the all-powerful God Blow move fails to faze a giant toad:


Aqua God Blow move


When Kazuma tells you he just netted a cool million as a reward:


Aqua's reaction, KONOSUBA


When you get busted for being Megumin’s explosive accomplice: 


Squished Aqua face


When you’re seconds away from using Kazuma’s tracksuit to kindle the fire: 


Aqua fire


When Kazuma completely KOs you with a door in a haunted mansion: 


Aqua in a haunted mansion KONOSUBA


When you realize you’re the reason the mansion was haunted in the first place:


Aqua haunted mansion


When you absolutely insist on eliminating the succubus Kazuma ordered for himself: 


Aqua's ready for a fight


When some shut-in NEET drains your holy power so a two-bit lich can save the entire town: 


Aqua's shocked face


When you definitely didn’t eat half of Kazuma’s yakisoba bun: 


Aqua eating yakisoba bun


Aqua Knows KONOSUBA Season 2 is About to E.X.P.L.O.D.E.


When you support Kazuma but aren’t trying to join him in the slammer …


Aqua KONOSUBA Season 2


… but you’re all about a good ol’ prison break:


Aqua prison break


When the court seizes your most prized possessions (seriously, I was gonna drink that well-aged booze!):


Aqua cries

Aqua in Season 2 of KONOSUBA

Sad Aqua face


When Kazuma’s new snipe skill is all that stands between you and another toad’s belly:


Aqua cries for Kazuma


Ah, yes, that all too familiar feeling:


Exaggerated Aqua face, KONOSUBA


When every little noise in a dungeon shaves a day off your life:


Aqua in a dungeon


When you’re desperate to tell Darkness what a scumbag Kazuma has been while she was gone:


Aqua rats out Kazuma


When you can’t hold a straight face to save your life:


Aqua trying to keep her cool


When Darkness’ ideal romance monologue leaves you speechless:


Aqua listens to Darkness' romance monologue


When Kazuma refuses to stop being a dumbass:


Aqua and Kazuma


When you’ve had enough of dungeons:


Aqua is over the dungeons


When you might be in the biggest trouble ever:


Aqua is upset


When Kazuma surprises you with a legit strategy:


Kazuma's strategy throws Aqua for a loop


When your actions complicate yet another simple Kill Quest:


Aqua's surprised face


When you can picture Kazuma slapping adventurers’ faces with wads of cash: 


Aqua smiles in KONOSUBA


When you lose a round of rock, paper, scissors and it’s TOTALLY UNFAIR:


Aqua loses rock, paper, scissors


No, seriously, Kazuma’s a shameless cheater! 


Aqua loses her cool


It’s gotta be some kind of special cheating ability! Quit pulling my cheeks! 


Pulling Aqua's cheeks




Aqua sulks


When a stampede is heading your way and it’s probably your fault again:


Aqua looks surprised


When you make, like, 30 souls rest in peace, including Wiz’s:




When you’re trying to live your best life as a goddess and Kazuma confesses unforgivable sins: 


Aqua yells at Kazuma


The story of Aqua’s life:


Aqua is upset in KONOSUBA


When you REALLY need Darkness to back you up in front of your followers: 


Aqua and Darkness


When those same followers don’t believe you’re who you say you are:


Aqua's big eyes

Aqua's smile


Getting stoned by your own followers … This one’s gonna sting for a while:


Aqua's feelings are hurt


Especially when they accuse you of working for the Devil King and kick off a literal witch hunt: 


Aqua face




KONOSUBA Season 2, Aqua


When you finally find the source of all your haters:


Aqua makes a discovery


When Kazuma is ready to give up on the most important mission ever:


Kazuma and Aqua


When, at the end of the day, you just DON’T MESS WITH AQUA: 



When you won the battle of the hot springs but somehow managed to screw up in everyone else’s eyes: 


Aqua can't catch a break


When you think Season 2’s over but a bunch of annoying ghosts get the drop on you:


Aqua ghosts

Aqua is surrounded


When awakening the beautiful girl golem was definitely not your fault:


Not Aqua's fault


And just like that, Season 2 is over! Hey, there’s always the KONOSUBA: Legend of Crimson movie, which you can watch on Crunchyroll right now


Did we miss any crazy Aqua faces? Let us know your favorite from the world of Kono Subarashii Sekai ni Shukufuku o!, AKA the glorious KONOSUBA, in the comments! 





Joseph Luster is the Games and Web editor at Otaku USA Magazine. You can read his webcomic, BIG DUMB FIGHTING IDIOTS at subhumanzoids. Follow him on Twitter @Moldilox. 

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