Enjoy the Slapstick Action of Tropical Rouge! Pretty Cure’s Theatrical Short

Healin' Good Pretty Cure x Tropical Rouge! Pretty Cure


While Healin’ Good Pretty Cure has passed the baton to the next generation, they’ve still got one more movie in them. Alongside the film will be a Tropical Rouge! Pretty Cure short, and a new trailer shows us the slapstick energy that this short subject will be bringing to theaters.


Announced late last month, the short is titled Eiga Tropical Rouge Pretty Cure: Tobikome! Collab Dance Party! The girls of the beach-themed magical girl team get an invitation to a Pretty Cure dance party… but only have three minutes to get there. Check out the trailer to see just a little of the craziness they undergo to get there:



The short is directed by Takashi Ootsuka (Smile Pretty CureOne Piece: Stampede). Ootsuka is a fan of Tropical Rouge series director Yutaka Tsuchida‘s work, which helped him as he worked on a story for the largely-unseen new magical girl team.


Healin' Good Pretty Cure film


The Tropical Rouge! Pretty Cure short premieres March 20 alongside the Healin’ Good Pretty Cure feature film. They won’t be the only other-gen team showing up: the Healin’ Good movie will notably see the return of the Yes! Pretty Cure 5 team as well.


Tropical Rouge! Pretty Cure kicks off soon on TV, and you can watch the simulcast right here on Crunchyroll later this month.


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Let’s see out the latest Pretty Cure team — watch Healin’ Good Pretty Cure on Crunchyroll!


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