Dual Heroines Pose in Shadows House TV Anime Character Visual

Emilyko, a "living doll", cleans a window pane in a scene from the upcoming Shadows House TV anime.


A new character visual (below) featuring the dual heroines has been released for Shadows House, an upcoming TV anime based on the mysterious, Gothic manga by somato about an unusual mansion where a group of aristocratic Shadow people live. The visual features Kate Shadow and her living doll attendant, Emilyko.



Serialized since 2018 in Shueisha’s Weekly Young JumpShadows House is set in a mysterious, Western-style mansion populated by a clan of “Shadows” who imitate the trappings of human aristocracy. The Shadows have no faces of their own, so they are attended by “living dolls” who act as their caretakers. The story follows Emilyko, a living doll, and Kate Shadow, the Shadow whom Emilyko serves. In the strange house where no guests come to visit, even today soot and shrill voices swirl…


A new character visual for the upcoming Shadows House TV anime, featuring the main characters Kate Shadow and her "living doll" attendant, Emilyko.


The Shadows House TV anime is directed by Kazuki Ohashi and features animation production by CloverWorks. Shadows House is scheduled to begin broadcasting in Japan in April of 2021.




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Copyright notice: © somato / Shueisha・Shadows House Production Committee


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