Dinosaur Biyori TV Anime Promises Everyday Jurassic Fun

A banner image featuring Triceratops, Stenonychosaurus, and Tyrannosaurus - the three main characters of the upcoming Dinosaur Biyori TV anime.


Just because you’re different species doesn’t mean you can’t get along, or at least that’s the message of Dinosaur Biyori, an upcoming original TV anime that follows the peaceful days of a triceratops, a stenonychosaurus, and a tyrannosaurus all living together in the same apartment. The main staff for the series has been revealed, including:


  • Director: Akifumi Nonaka
  • Screenplay: Toru Hosokawa
  • Character design: USGMEN
  • Music: CHI-MEY
  • Animation production: Fanworks (Aggretsuko)


A key visual for the upcoming Dinosaur Biyori TV anime, featuring the main characters Triceratops, Stenonychosaurus, and Tyrannosaurus sitting around the coffee table in their apartment and squabbling over two pieces of cake.


The story of Dinosaur Biyori follows the lives of three modern day dinosaurs as they share a room in the Dino-Shou (“Dino Manor”) apartment building complex. The series will begin broadcasting in Japan in April of 2021.


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