Cure Dream & Cure Grace Shows Their Fusion Form in Healin’ Good Pretty Cure Film Full Trailer



A dream collaboration has finally come true! The official website for the upcoming film Eiga Healin’ Good PreCure Yume no Machi de Kyun! tto GoGo! Daihenshin!! (Healin’ Good Pretty Cure The Movie: GoGo! Big Transformation! at The Town of Dreams) has started streaming a 90-second full trailer. 


The 29th PreCure film features a joint battle between the ongoing 17th series Healin’ Good Pretty Cure and the fifth series Yes! PreCure 5GoGo! in 2008-2009. The six members of the 5Gogo! team – Cure Dream, Cure Rouge, Cure Lemonade, Cure Aqua, Cure Mint, and Milky Rose – join forces with three members of the Healin’ Good team.


The clip introduces Cure Dream and Cure Grace’s fusion form named “Dream Cure Grace” for the first time. The costume that includes a butterfly, the motif of the PreCure 5 series, was specially designed for the film by the original character designer of the PreCure 5 series, Toshie Kawamura.  


At the end of the clip, a short film titled Eiga Tropical-Rouge! Pretty Cure Petit Tobikome! Collab Dance Party (Tropical-Rouge! Pretty Cure the Movie Petit: Jump in! Collaboration Dance Party!) is also briefly introduced. The film featuring the members of the forthcoming 18th TV series Tropical-Rouge! Pretty Cure will be screened with the Healin’ Good film.


The much-awaited new crossover film will open in Japan on March 20, 2021.





An advance ticket with a sticker set is now available at Japanese theaters from today, February 5.




Poster visual:



Source: “Eiga Healin’ Good PreCure Yume no Machi de Kyun! tto GoGo! Daihenshin!!” official website / Twitter


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