Chizuru Turns Heads in This Traditional Chinese Dress Rent-a-Girlfriend Figure



Rent-a-Girlfriend‘s Chizuru is already one of the top-performing rental girlfriends at her agency and it’s no wonder when you get a look at her in this brand new figure of her dressed to the nines in a traditional Chinese outfit, also known as a cheongsam. The new figure comes straight from Union Creative and stands at an impressive 240mm tall! 








Though just like a date with the rental girlfriend, the figure isn’t cheap. A pre-order for the figure will net you 15,800 yen (US$151) from your wallet, but when you’re comparing the cost with an actual date with Chizuru, it’s not bad – especially when you get to keep the figure!


Chizuru is currently up for pre-order until Feburary 5 and will be shipping out in June 2021. 




See Chizuru in action in the Rent-a-Girlfriend TV anime right here on Crunchyroll! 




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