Chill Out Three Times Faster in Your Own Char Aznable Loungewear

Char Aznable


If you haven’t noticed, we’re in a bit of a Gundam mood today. If you’re looking to kick back while you watch the anime classic, BanColle! has the perfect addition to your wardrobe.


The Bandai clothing brand has launched its own Gundam loungewear inspired by the Red Comet himself, Char Aznable. The sweatsuit features the legendary character’s name and title, as well as his crest:


Char Aznable lounge wear


Just like Char’s custom Zaku, the loungewear set comes in crimson — so you can kick back and relax at three times the speed. Buy the pieces separately, or double up for the full ensemble:


Char Aznable sweatshirt

Char Aznable sweatpants

Char Aznable lounge wear


Both items are now available for pre-order from the Bandai Fashion website. The sweatshirt is selling for 7,150 yen (about $69), and the sweatpants are available for 6,600 yen (about $64). Orders will ship out starting in March.


Source: Anime! Anime!


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