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Childhood Splashes Back, Super Mario 3D All-Stars Now Supports Gamecube Controller

Super Mario Sunshine


Nintendo updated the Super Mario 3D All-Stars collection today for Nintendo Switch with the previously announced camera controls, refining the classic games even further to recreate the experiences players would have had when they were younger playing the games. In a surprise though, the update also came with another new feature, Gamecube controller support for Super Mario Sunshine!


While you’ll still need a Gamecube Controller Adapter for the Nintendo Switch (and a controller of course), you can now play the 18-year old game with the controller it was designed for – though the on-screen prompts will only have the Nintendo Switch icons. Also, due to the Nintendo Switch Lite not having any USB-A ports (or dock support), the adaptor isn’t compatible, making the Gamecube controller unavailable for the handheld system.


Super Mario Galaxy


This is great for people (like me!) who played 100’s of hours of Super Mario Sunshine with the Gamecube controller and inverted camera and felt weird while playing the Super Mario 3D All-Stars version! 


Source: Famitsu


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