Bravely Default II Opens the Book on Another Location in New Trailer

Bravely Default II


While building up to its February 26 global launch on Switch, Bravely Default II has been in the spotlight with some previews focusing on its various countries and the characters within each location. The latest has Square Enix whisking us away to the snow country of Rimedahl, complete with a new trailer and a handful of characters players will meet along the way. 


Here’s the new promo: 



And a closer look at the inhabitants of Rimedahl, which is a religious nation that worships the dragon that the legends say saved it 1,000 years ago:



Martha Lancer

VA: Aya Endo



Martha serves as the Guardian of the Dragon Cave, protecting the nation’s most sacred location.



VA: Hiroki Touchi



A small lizard creature who speaks human language and claims to be the child of the Dragon God.


Gladys Kelly

VA: Mitsuki Saiga



Rimedahl Church friar who joins the inquisitor Helio in finding and interrogating fairies who have been deceiving humans. Fairies killed her parents, so she hunts them to get revenge. 



VA: Fukushi Ochiai



The aforementioned inquisitor, who uncovers humans who disguise themselves as fairies and holds divine trials at court.



VA: Hiroshi Naka



Rimedahl Church’s highest priest, who claims the calming climate of the area is proof of their faith, and says he speaks the words of the Dragon God.


Glenn Booth

VA: Soushirou Hori



The mayor of the nearby Enderno village. He wants to obtain the moonlit grass to save his younger brother Grin’s life.


The latest jobs to be introduced include Dragoon, Swordmaster, Spiritmaster, Oracle, and Salve-Maker. 


Stay tuned for more as we get closer to launch. 


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