Brave Group Launches New Girls Band Project

Brave Group Launches New Girls Band Project “Taiban!” Including 12-episode Web Anime Series



A Tokyo-based IP development company Brave group announced the “Entertainment (IP) 3.0 Concept” and revealed the first title from the concept, a new girls band project titled Taiban! – Tiny Band Story –.


Taiban! is the story of four high school girls at Hakumai High School’s light music club in Hokkaido. They form a girls band and aim to win the largest student music contest in Japan, “I.F.” The project begins its activities on various social networking services (Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok) and opens its official website today, November 16.


The project has also opened its official YouTube channel. From the end of December, it will start posting an anime episode every other week. The web anime series will consist of 12 episodes and the length of each episode is about 20 minutes.


While the project’s main story will be told in the web anime, the characters will tweet and post videos on various social networking services in real-time. Furthermore, the project will expand into various other activities, such as radio shows and live-action programs by voice actresses, as well as live concerts and events, without being limited to anime or real.




“Taiban! – Tyny Band Story -“ official website:

Official Twitter:

Official Instagram:

Official TikTok:

Official YouTube channel:




Main characters:


Mizuki Haruno (keyboard):


Nozomi Kuramochi (bass):


Ren Kogarashi (guitar):


Momiji Rurigaki (drum):





Source: Brave group press release


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